St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Summer is nearly finished and I find that so hard to believe. Wasn’t it just

Memorial Day and the Fourth of July? However, here we are in

September. The children are off to school and we settle into our more

regular routines of life.

How was your summer? Was it a time of play and recreation? We all

need that. Where was God in our playtime? Did you know God’s

presence with you and in you? Did you have time for some quiet

reflection? How was God present to you then? Perhaps you have had a

sad summer with a loved one declining in health. God is with us in our

most desperate times. Some of us experience God in nature, in

fellowship with others and in many other ways. The key is, did you see


In my previous call, we did a Bible study together called God Sightings.

By the time we completed the study, the term “God Sightings” had

become such a part of the church’s DNA that I often heard about

people’s experiences of “God Sightings” long after we completed the

study. It became continually easier to see God in many different settings.

For me as an extrovert, it is easiest for me to see God in quiet moments.

I was at the Chautauqua Institution the week of 8/7. There is something

about the atmosphere of that place that puts me in a reflective mood that

allows me to hear God’s voice.

I hope that the children in your lives were able to come to the Blessing of

the Backpacks on Sunday, 8/28. As we get them prepared with

backpacks and all the  gear they need for the year, let’s prepare them

spiritually as well.

For those of us whose schedule does not change, are we preparing

ourselves to be a more effective instrument in the hands of God? On

internship, I learned a wonderful spiritual discipline. At the end of the day

my supervisor, Larry, would think theologically about all that occurred

during that day. What that means is looking at everything and seeing

how God was at work. In other words, where were the “God Sightings?”

We sometimes stay up too late and have little energy for anything other

than sleep. I am certainly guilty of that at times.  September is when we resume our church programs such as Sunday School and Confirmation class. Sarah Goebel and I are looking forward to our time with the Confirmation class. Rally Day is Sunday, September 18th. We hope to see many of you as we gear up for the year.

On a personal note, my appointment with the surgeon got postponed for

another week. By the time you receive this, I will have seen him and will

have a better idea about everything. As it is, I have been unable to

commit to anything in September. Your prayers are appreciated.

May God continually bless you as you look to and listen to God.

God’s peace,

Pastor Ivy

Pastor's Message

September 2016

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