St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Dear friends,

How have we gotten to October? The summer is done. How did that

happen? Even though the sign for the 2016 Chautauqua Institution

season is still up, that season is finished and now that we’re past Labor

Day, our town has gotten quieter as the tourists left to return home. I can

even find parking in the afternoon in the Village of Bemus Point! Fall is

officially here!

Time is something we do not have much control over. We all have the

same amount given to us and it is not always easy to be good stewards

of our time. For us as followers of Jesus Christ, we live in two kinds of

time. One is everyday time and the other is God’s time. The Greek of the

New Testament has two different words for these times. Preaching

teacher, Tom Long, during his sermons at Chautauqua put it this way, it’s

like we’re wearing two wristwatches, one for ordinary time and one for

God’s time.

If you have been by the church recently, you’ve probably noticed that

there is new shrubbery out in front and along the side of the building. On

September 11, in addition to remembering the events of 9/11 fifteen

years ago, we had a blessing for our new landscaping. Sunday, the 18th

was Rally Day. We kicked off the new program year with Sunday School.

We also had a blessing of backpacks for the children going back to

school. This year we also have some children who are beginning

confirmation class.

Continuing along the theme of stewardship, October 1-6 I will be in

Denver, CO for stewardship training. We will especially be learning about

the Generosity Project. Katie Castro will be covering for me at both St.

Timothy and St. Mark on Sunday, October 2.

I am hoping to get the go ahead soon for back surgery. So, hopefully, it

will be scheduled for this month. Depending on what they find when they

go in, I could be laid up a month or two months. Pastor Dan Rumfelt, our

conference dean, is working closely with our church leadership regarding

coverage while I’m out.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, questions and concern since

my back issue has flared up. Thank you for being who you are. Continue

to let that light shine every hour of every day.

God’s peace,

Pastor Ivy

Pastor's Message

October 2016

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