St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Easter Sunday was wonderfully joyful, but Easter is not done yet! Easter is not

only one Sunday, but is an entire season that lasts for 50 days! That’s even

longer than Lent. We celebrate Easter until Pentecost, June 9, so if we haven’t

sung your favorite Easter hymn, just wait, there are lots of opportunities to do


I wonder what it would look like if we really believed and acted in the power of

God that raised our Lord Jesus from the dead. What kind of an impact would

that have on our individual lives and on our congregation…even our world?

Would we see more harmony in our homes if we all operated out of a dynamic

relationship with the living God? This does not mean that at home we wouldn’t

become irritated with each other from time to time, but that when that does

happen, forgiveness would be the rule of thumb.

In our own congregation, couldn’t it make a huge difference if we let the power

of God’s love flow through us in an even greater way to one another? Rather

than being sensitive and getting hurt when someone has offended us, could we

talk with the person and forgive them? Would we see less violence if all of God’s

people walked in God’s ways? Indeed, that would change everything!

We can only control what we do. This Easter Sunday people at worship were

attacked; this time in Sri Lanka. I can’t help but weep at all the violence that has

been perpetrated against people of faith: Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other

faiths as well. Could God work through us to make a difference in all the pain?

Besides our prayers, we just never know how we can influence someone who

has contact with another and so forth. Especially today, the world has become

much smaller with the advent of social media.

Some of our giving goes to churchwide and is disseminated to organizations

within our denomination such as Lutheran Disaster Response, ELCA World

Hunger, ELCA Advocacy and other ministries of our church. In this way, our

support as Easter people affects the entire world.

Locally, the living Easter Spirit of Christ works through us at Lake Chautauqua

Lutheran Center as they work with people of all ages, however, primarily youth

in the summer. Year-round they offer activities for everyone. It is still through

their Lutheran camping experience that so many young people hear and

respond to God’s call to ministry. That was true of many of my younger

seminary classmates. Talk to any of the younger pastors and you will find that to

be so.

Now I’d like to switch gears a bit and focus on what is happening this month at

St. Timothy. You won’t want to miss church on Sunday, May 5. Pastor Jim

Slater will be leading worship with a Beatles liturgy entitled, Jesus Rocks. Those

of us who were Beatles fans in our youth are especially excited about this.

Another important Sunday is May 19, which is One Voice. One Hope. One

County Sunday. This is something the Addiction Response Ministry is asking all

the churches to participate in. Our focus will be the addiction epidemic in our

county and what is being done to combat this, including the role of faith in


God bless you all during this Easter season. May you have a greater hunger for

God and may you experience Christ’s life working through you in new and

unexpected ways.

God’s peace,

Pastor ivy

Pastor's Message

May 2019

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