St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Greetings in Christ’s name. He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

As I think about this past month and next month, I give thanks. It is such

a privilege to be your pastor. Both St. Timothy and St. Mark have such

wonderful, caring people in the congregations. You are so encouraging.

Thank you for being who you are and who you will become as we grow

together in God’s love.

One of the highlights of April was participating in the joint worship

service at First Lutheran Church in Jamestown on April 17. It is the first

time most of us have heard Bishop Macholz preach. It was a joy to hear

his message, hear the large combined choir and to fellowship together

afterward during coffee hour.

Later in the afternoon, we had the Conference Spring Assembly, where

Bishop Macholz shared quite a bit with us during an open forum. We

also selected a person from the conference to receive the Discipleship

Award. Sylvia Lipsey, from St. Timothy was chosen. Sylvia is one of

the quieter members of St. Timothy who likes to do things behind the

scenes. The things she does are an extension of the ministry of St.

Timothy and are a blessing to many in the church and community. (Ed.

note: please see accompanying article on page 10. )

In May, we will be winding up the season of Easter with Pentecost on

May 15, as we celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit to all God’s people.

It is often described as the birthday of the church.

Also this month, we will be asking you to share with us your favorite

praise songs and hymns. We will use them throughout June, July and

August. It’s always fun to see what songs are most significant to


I would ask for your continued prayers for my back and feet situation. I

am scheduled to see the orthopedist on June 3, or sooner if someone

cancels. While on vacation, I had very little trouble with symptoms,

because we did a lot of relaxing during our “stay-cation.”

May the Lord bless and keep you always. Please know you are in my


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Ivy

Pastor's Message

May 2016

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