St. Timothy Lutheran Church

It is finally spring/summer-like outdoors. The trees are losing their pretty

buds and of course, the pollen is abundant. Even as the weather

changes, so the church year changes. The Easter season and Pentecost

are in the past, along with Holy Trinity Sunday—or are they? For each of

these seasons and Sundays, we use various colors that symbolizes

them. Now we are entering the long green season of the church until

October 30, which is Reformation Sunday.


The green season is the longest of the church year and one cannot help

but wonder why. After Jesus’ ascension, Jesus’ followers were left to

share their faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. Green is symbolic of

growth and the early church grew by leaps and bounds as Christ’s

followers shared the good news of Jesus Christ.

The green season encompasses summer, when our children are out of

school and our minds turn toward vacations. When we travel or visit

people, we do not bring  

Christ with us, so to speak, because God is not only with us, but is

already there, working in the lives and hearts of those we meet along the

way. Isn’t it reassuring that the salvation of everyone we meet is not on

our shoulders? As the ELCA tag line reads, [It is] God’s work. Our hands,

that gets the job done.


As we listen to the gentle voice of God, the nudge of the Holy Spirit, we

can share God’s love in so many ways. For those of us who are more

reserved, it may be a smile or a few encouraging words. For the more

outgoing, perhaps we need to listen more to what God is saying before

we speak. Let God open our eyes to the real need of those we encounter

in our travels. God will open doors of opportunity to be a blessing and to

share our faith in many different ways.

Pentecost has passed. We are full of God’s Holy Spirit who has

promised to lead us into all truth. There are a couple of educational

opportunities this month that will give you practical strategies for

addressing the drug problem in our area. They are in another part of the

newsletter. In part, these events are sponsored by ARM, the Addiction

Response Ministry, of which I am a part. This is a pervasive problem

here and everywhere.

Let us grow together this month through the power of God’s Holy Spirit,

to the glory of God our Father.

God's peace,

Pastor Ivy

Pastor's Message

June 2016

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