St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Summer is almost here and finally the weather has decided it’s Spring.

The weather is getting its act together, flowers are finally blooming and

the trees are bursting with buds, but what about us? Are we letting the

busyness of everyday life, vacation plans and so many other things choke

the flowers of God’s love that are trying to bloom in the gardens of our


The church has a means of helping us to kick back and relax a bit. The

feasts of Easter, Pentecost and Holy Trinity are complete and we now

enter into a time of the church year called ―Ordinary time, which will

last until the end of November. This does not mean that such time is any

less important than the other times of the church year. The Episcopal

Church in Washington State has put out an article

( that nicely explains this.

Ordinary comes from the word ―rdinal‖ having to do with the numbers

used to count the Sundays of ordinary time. However, for the most part,

in today’s Lutheran church it is referred to as the Time after Pentecost.

There are some very significant things occurring this month. June 3-5 is

the Upstate NY Synod Assembly in Rochester. It is two and a half days

of business, worship and music, workshops and lots of fellowship. To me

it’s like ―old home week. We get to see friends from all over the state.

This year’s theme is Outreach and Evangelism: Share Your Light! which

seems very apropos. We want our churches to grow, but that happens

through the work of the Holy Spirit, through God’s people sharing their

faith with others and inviting people to ―come and see!

On Sunday, June 3, we will be celebrating with three of our children as

they are confirmed. Allie and Lucy Kohl and Alex Daniels are the

confirmands. Please join us to celebrate with them and their families and

friends. This is not like graduation, an ending of their Christian education

but merely a beginning as they assume greater involvement in the


God is good all of the time. As we approach this summer, let us keep in

mind Who it is that is the source of our life and breath and being. May

we allow the fire of God’ love to burn brightly in our lives in all that

we do.

Pastor Ivy

Pastor's Message

June 2018

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