St. Timothy Lutheran Church


                                                                         January 23, 2020


                                                              Matthew 4:12-23

Scripture readings

for Sunday, January 26

Isaiah 9:1-4

Psalm 27:1, 4-9

1 Corinthians 1:10-18

Matthew 4:12-23


Pastor Ivy

After Jesus’ baptism and temptation in the wilderness, Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, had been arrested. This was a signal for Jesus to begin his ministry, but before he could do that, “he withdrew to Galilee.” There are likely a number of reasons Jesus did this; some very practical, while others were to fulfill scripture. On the practical side, if the authorities arrested John (and later beheaded him), then that could happen to Jesus as well. Would Jesus be able to accomplish the purpose God had for him if he stayed in a place where the situation was so hot? There was work for Jesus to do and he had not yet begun it. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, compose ourselves and get a look at the bigger picture, before beginning something new. For Jesus, no doubt some of that preparatory time was spent in prayer, communing with his Father.


Moving was part of Jesus’ preparation as well: from Judea (where he was baptized) to Galilee for an unknown period of time (which is where Nazareth is located), to Capernaum, just over 20 miles from Nazareth, where he began gathering disciples. 


In Matthew’s gospel, we see these or similar words many times, “so that what had been spoken through the prophet … might be fulfilled.” God did what God said he would do. God’s Messiah had been promised and God fulfilled that promise. God is faithful.


To do the things God has in mind for us to do sometimes means change. Jesus had to leave family and friends to form a new kind of family with his followers. He did a lot of traveling all over Palestine: from south to north, east to west. He didn’t have the luxury of staying in one place and having those in need all come to him.


Do we take time to withdraw, step back and listen to how we should respond to the needs of our day, what we should do? Jesus didn’t do anything major before taking that time. We see that throughout the gospels. Can we be effective as a church if we don’t individually and corporately take the time to breathe and listen? We too have a message for a hurting world about God who loved us enough to live as one of us and to die for us as “…the kingdom of God has come near” through us.

12Now when Jesus heard that John had been arrested, he withdrew to Galilee. 13He left Nazareth and made his home in Capernaum by the sea, in the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali, 14so that what had been spoken through the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled:

 15“Land of Zebulun, land of Naphtali,

  on the road by the sea, across the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles—

 16the people who sat in darkness

  have seen a great light,

 and for those who sat in the region and shadow of death

  light has dawned.”

17From that time Jesus began to proclaim, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”


  18As he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea—for they were fishermen. 19And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.” 20Immediately they left their nets and followed him. 21As he went from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets, and he called them. 22Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed him.


  23Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness among the people.

·         For our community of faith as we seek to do God’s work in the world.

·         For those in our congregation and community who suffer silently with illness, financial burdens, and family obligation.

·         For victims of violence and their families in all places.

·         For victims of wildfires, flooding and earthquakes.

·         For:  Dan Kelly, Inara Ledder,  Ned Lindstrom, Dick Starks, Tim O’Brien, Gretta Kettle,  George and Janet Balcom, Maj-Britt Traynor, Pat & Maureen Kibbe, Beverly Klang, Trudy Fetzner, Thom Shagla, Matt Isaacson, Sarah Van Staalduinen, Mabel Tranum, Bryan Brown, , Jim Doherty, Karen Brown, and Bonnie Christoferson

·         For people serving in the military, including Ben Wickerham, and their families, those caught up in persecution, violence and war.

·         For all children, that the love of Christ may reach them through all of us who have resources to love, protect, pray and provide for them.

·         For:  The ELCZ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe and ELCZa Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia.


Names will remain of the Prayer List for a month - at which

time it will be taken off unless, or course, there is still a continued need

for our prayers and we’re asked to keep the name on.



Sunday, Jan 26 immediately following worship.

Light lunch provided.  Members and friends are

invited to join us!

***We continuously collect food items for the 5 & 2 Ministry.  Bring your donations and place in the black bin in church narthex.  Lists detailing items needed are also available in the narthex.  Monetary donations welcome!


***5 & 2 Ministry Food Bins Donated to Date:  73


***ONLINE GIVING now available at St. Timothy for Debit/Credit cards.   3 ways to give:

   - Go directly to our website at

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For further information, see Kathy Carlson on Sundays or call her at 485-1316.


Love INC Prayer Requests 01/21/20

A young mom and her 2-year-old son were able to find shelter at the Anew Center. Pray for her physical and mental healing and she can find the strength to talk about the abuse with her family.  Seeking assistance with furniture, beds and kitchen items for their new home.  Prayers for her son, he needs surgery to correct a birth defect.  


Older lady who had to move because of a bug infestation and lost her furnishings.   Changes in her shared custody of her granddaughter and the many life changes have caused much emotional stress.  Pray for her and the granddaughter.


Continued Prayers

A single woman with MS who needs help moving some furniture in her house.  She also needs help to organize or thin out all her stuff.  Pray for a volunteer to step forward to help her out.

Praise - A Single mom of 4, who has been waiting since August for an electric stove.  We received one last week and we were able to install it for her.  Praising His provision

Love INC needs a volunteer accountant/bookkeeper. Our current bookkeeper will be retiring in May and we are looking for a replacement.

Single older woman who is need of a ramp for her home.  She has MS and has a lot of difficulties getting in and out of the house.  Pray for her health and the funds would be available to build the ramp.

A single mom of 2 young children found shelter at the Anew center after a violent domestic incident at her parents’ home.  DSS is assisting her with funds to move into her own apartment.  She will need all the household furnishings including beds.  Pray for this family, that they will be able to mend their differences and live peacefully.  Praise-she was able to find a job that was willing to work around her daycare needs.

A single man who was staying at UCAN mission after he was released for prison.  DSS is assisting him with rent, but in need of a bed and some furniture.  Pray for his son who is currently in foster care and a job.   Job interview went well and is just waiting to hear.    He has received a couch and recliner and is waiting for a bed

Pray for family having some unexpected financial difficulties.  The mother had some medical issues and the father had to take off work to care for all.  Pray that they would be open to attend financial money management classes.   Completed our intake process and has been referred to our gap ministry for diapers and toiletries.

A family of 6 who were infested with bedbugs.  The home has been treated and the beds replaced.  They are seeking help to purchase the bedbug covers for the mattresses and box springs, to avoid this occurring again.  Pray for comfort and protection for them and the needed funds would become available.  They were assisted with living room furniture and bed frames, but still need of mattress covers.**

Single lady with some medical issues residing in the Allen Park area needs help with some yard work and snow removal.  Please pray for her health and a volunteer to meet her need.**

A mother of 5 kids was homeless when her apartment was condemned; lost everything. They were assisted with some living room furniture, table with chairs and 1 full-size bed but she is **still in need of 4 twin beds. 

An older couple who are both handicapped need help shoveling their walk; as she needs medical transport for dialysis 3 times a week.  **Still seeking snow removal assistance Spring Street area Jamestown

Dear Church,

Love INC has the privilege of offering the Redemption Compassion Study to our community thanks to a grant from the Chautauqua Regional Community Foundation. The Redemption Compassion Study is an 8-week video & discussion-driven study that will help those in attendance to understand the Biblical call to help those in need. It will help educate about the benefits of a hand-up versus a handout and the bondage of poverty. This study is open to anyone interested in being a better helper to those in need.  


It starts Tuesday, February 4th at 6:30 pm at Lakewood Baptist Church. To register or more information please contact Susan at Love INC 338-9828 or email

Upcoming Commemorations


Conversion of Paul

Friday, January 25, 2019

The week of prayer begun by the remembrance of Peter's confession now comes to an end as we recall the pivotal moment in the life of the other pillar of the early church, the apostle Paul. His encounter with the risen Christ turned him from persecutor of the followers of Christ to one of their leaders.


Timothy, Titus, and Silas, missionaries

Saturday, January 26, 2019

These three early Christian men were missionary companions of the apostle Paul. Timothy became bishop of Ephesus, Titus bishop of Crete, and Silas was imprisoned with Paul at Philippi until they were delivered by an earthquake.


Lydia, Dorcas, and Phoebe, witnesses to the faith

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Women as well as men were important Christian leaders from the beginning, as demonstrated by these coworkers of the apostle Paul. Lydia, a seller of purple goods, lent her home for a church; Dorcas was known for charitable works; and Phoebe was a deacon in the church at Cenchrae.