St. Timothy Lutheran Church

      Indoor Worship Survery

             August 2, 2020

Dear St. Timothy Members and Friends,

You're receiving this letter because you have participated in our summer Drive In Service as an alternative to indoor worship.  This service was started as a response to the elimination of indoor worshiping services because of COVID-19. We've received many compliments and positive responses to the Drive In Service‚ĶThank you.  The ability to gather together, even in an outside venue, is better than not meeting at all.  We have been very fortunate to be able to bring the Drive In service to everyone.

However, with the success of NYS in the fight against the COVID pandemic, we are able again to worship indoors as a congregation.  The council has formed a Reopening Committee to look at procedures, best practices and expenses involved in such an opening.  The committee has representatives from Council, Worship and Music, Finance and Property Committees.  All have taken advantage of the Drive In Service.  We've met once to outline our responsibilities and are in the process of gathering information, applying for financial assistance in the form of a grant from the Chautauqua Regional Foundation and applying for free supplies donated to nonprofit organizations.

An inside worship service  -  what it might look like

                     FACTS                      IMPLICATIONS for St. Tim

     * COVID spreads easier indoors     * Maintain airflow, sanitizing stations

               take temperatures, 30 minute service

     * Choral reading and singing promote     * Limit, eliminate choral reading/singing

        the spread of the virus        Plexiglas partitions at lecterns

     * Social distancing/masks mitigate the     * People 6' apart in pews, wear masks

        Spread of COVID-19                         * One entry/exit from building

                    * No movement during service for


                    * Removal of all hymnals, pencils, etc.

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Click on this link to respond to these questions in an email to the church

Name ___________________________

1.  Are you ready to return to an inside worship service after Labor Day?  

     ____    Yes    Why?

     ____    No    Why?

2.  If you are hesitant to return to indoor worship, is there anything we can do to help alleviate your concerns and allow you to feel safe?

3.  Is there anything else you need to feel safe that hasn't been mentioned above?

Tear off bottom portion and place in the offering container next week OR stay behind after church and we'll pick them up.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT.