St. Timothy Lutheran Church


Surprise Gale

with 40th



Gale Svenson-Campbell was recently recognized at St. Timothy, on Sunday, September 24th, after reaching 40 yearsas our Director of Music.  The celebration was kept a surprise until the beginning of the service when the choir usually sings their anthem.  On this day, however, Gale was surprised when Kathy Carlson took to the microphone to let her  in on the secret and direct the choir in a special rendition of “Hallelujah” dedicated to her 40th anniversary.

Gale has served the past 40 years with the late Rev. Starke A. Drischell, Rev. Craig Swanson, Rev. Jeffrey Silvernail, Rev. Jordan Miller-Stubbendick and the current pastor, Rev. Ivy Gauvin.  Her career has seen a number of changes including the addition of a praise band with contemporary music, addition of a second service, and the combination of a traditional style and contemporary style service into one blended service.  Gale has made every effort to include the youth of the congregation and integrate them into the band and Christmas cantatas.

The Coffee Hour following worship was held in her honor.  Gale said of her accomplishment, “I'm so very blessed to be able to serve as Director of Music in my home church – a church built by my father and grandfather.  In my 40 years, I have never taken a Sunday off due to illness! It has been a joy to be able to share God's love through music each week, with such a dedicated group of people who are St. Timothy Lutheran Church.”

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